Our state of the art fish cleaning house is located through the gate at Outers Resort.

We have a stainless steel table and commercial waste grinder for stink free fish cleaning day or night.

Take advantage of the ten docks next door at Outers Resort for some excellent fishing and good conversation with other guests...

...or you might want to scare up a Bass or Northern in your own backyard.

We have our own private boat launch where you can launch your boat or if you prefer, we can launch it for you using our 4-wheeler.

Bait (no minnows), light tackle, gas and apparel available in the Outers Resort office next door.

We have a small playground at the resort with a swing set, slide and sand toys for the kids to play with.

The yard at the house is large and flat with plenty of space for games of all kinds.

For swimming , we have a small sandy beach with access to shallow water and a dock that’s close to shore.

We also offer a complementary paddle boat, canoes and kayaks for kids and adults.

We offer a large selection of boats (big and small) to rent at Outers to serve your families needs.

Click here to see them.

From our state of the art fish house to our own private boat launch, we offer much more than other rentals. We have 4 HD cable TVs, High speed internet, a garage, extra freezer and refridgerator space...the list goes on. Give us a cll today to inquire about future availability.